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Text Formatting Rules

View the source for this page to better understand some terminology.

Making and Preventing Links

Expressing Links

  • Wiki refs : Squashed-together capitalized words, e.g. StructuredText, WikiWikiWeb, TextFormattingRules (numbers and the "~" tilde are also allowed).
  • '"[Square brackets]?":#squarebrackets' : (Discouraged!) Usually turn anything into a wiki ref.
  • Spelled-out URLs : Any text recognizable as a URL:
  • Linked text : "Zope central": => Zope central

Preventing Links (and Other Processing) Karyaku UMY Karyaku UMY PIMNAS UMY 2012 Septine PIMNAS UMY Karyaku UMY

  • Bang : Prefix the wiki word or '[] square brackets with an exclamation point: StructuredText', '[meta comment]'
  • Tick : Put the expression in ' single-quote code-fragment form: ZWiki?
  • Example block : Put the expression in an "::" example block:
              <dtml-var "1 + 1">, etc.

Sectional Structure

Paragraphs : adjacent sequences of non-blank text lines. Indentation of the first line determines the level of the paragraph.

This is a pargraph

This is the first sub-paragraph which is indented from the one above.

This is the second sub-paragraph, not indented.

And this in turn is a sub-sub-paragraph which is indented again.

Special symbology is used to indicate special constructs:

  • A single-line paragraph whose immediately succeeding paragraphs are lower level is treated as a header.
  • A paragraph that begins with a '-', *, or o is treated as an unordered list (bullet) element.
  • A paragraph that begins with a sequence of digits followed by a white-space character is treated as an ordered list element.
  1. an
  2. ordered
  3. list
  • A paragraph that begins with a sequence of sequences, where each sequence is a sequence of digits or a sequence of letters followed by a period, is treated as an ordered list element.
  1. another
  2. ordered
  3. list
  • A paragraph with a first line that contains some text, followed by some white-space and -- is treated as a descriptive list element. The leading text is treated as the element title.
    Element Title --

    Descriptive list element

  • Sub-paragraphs of a paragraph that ends in the word example or the word examples, or :: is treated as example code and is output as is:
           a code example

Style Formatting

  • Emphasis: *italic* => italic
  • Bold: **bold** => bold
  • Code: "'"code"'" => code

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