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The format of this page will likely evolve. At the start, it might just be a long list with sublists as deemed necessary. Later edits might remove minor events/observations or detail information to subsidiary pages (leaving behind a link, of course)

Note: a '?' indicates uncertainty for dates or details .. please, any & everybody: fix, clarify, and extend.
BK (Before-KPLUG)
nothing of importance
  • First meeting was October 1996 an installfest was advertised in ComputorEdge? and held in an upstairs room at The Vineyard in Escondido
  • It was called KPLUG from the beginning, predated any meeting. The name was chosen by Richard (lastname?) and hosted at his ISP.
  • Tracy Reed has thoughtfully archived his whole world at, including some of the earliest kplug list contents -- from October, 1997. Anybody got anything earlier?

  • ? first list was hosted at (

  • actually the 1998 archive seems also to be 1997 content, or maybe it's gotten mixed-up .. I can't see any signigicant (mid-)1998 content anywhere

  • October 14-26. Names from the earliest archive:

    James Meadows, warren (Hrach), George Lebl (Jirka), Druppy (Nandy Szots), John Hughes, Mark Skinner, Neil Schneider, Nicholas Bastin, Tom Stiko, Ben Reeve, Richard W. Ernst, David M. Cook, Victor O'Rear, Sean P. Kane, Debi Tackett, Gary Riddle, Mike Marion, Tracy R Reed, Dale Benjamin, Mark Wolfe, Bob Forgey, George Geller, Harry R. Meyer, John Sage, Howard Griffith, jt chiodi, Tim Scheer, DanielP930?, Stephen Birch, Bandith Nouanesengsy X82163, john a carlisle, Lewis E. Wolfgang, Dustin Cross

  • October meetings at Computer Parts Plus in Kearney Mesa

  • thanks to: David Driggers(cpp owner), also some other cpp employees helped, I think
  • Meetings moved to SDCOE (San Diego County Office of Education)in Linda Vista
  • First participation in "EXPO" (California Comnputer Expo and Conference), (?)joint sponsorship by ComputorEdge? and SDCS
  • Sep 9: LPSG (Linux Programmers Study Group) kicked-off .. see Primary instigator: Bob La Quay, possibly stimulated by David M. Cook query.
  • Early May: additional kplug list(s). Including kplug-announce. Original intent was to "gateway" announcements into the main list .. but, dup email receprion not well-received. Gateway practice eventually dropped or broke?
  • May 15 .. 1st Steering Committee meeting at Keith's Restaurant Miramar Rd and 15
  • Booth presence at EXPO, July 8-11.
  • Aug 13 .. still located at (.com)
  • early Apr .. (com -> org)
  • Apr 11 -- first archive entry in kplug-newbie, kplug-kooler lists
  • Booth presence at SDCS EXPO 2000
  • May 12 kplug-security list started .. not heavily subscribed and not much traffic. Maybe (general) security interests are just as well handled in the general list.





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