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Links to Linux-related Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I get my Modem to work in Linux?

How do I partition a 60Gb drive for Linux ?

How can I mount a HD on the cdrom cable ?

What's a good HD for Linux ?

What quiet PCs are out there ?

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What tool can I use to Defrag Linux ?

RPM Questions

Questions about X

What's a good HD for Linux ?

How do I execute a command as another user (root)?

Can you explain what $PATH does and how to change it?

What is cron and how does it work?

How can I configure postfix, to handle my mail from mutt ?

What is SSL?

Are key and index in MySQL essentially the same thing ?

How do I burn a CD ?


How Do I Connect to Cox Cable Internet ?

Is SpeakEasy DSL Linux friendly ?

How do I unsubscribe from the kplug mailing list ?

"How do I install a fire proof safe": Watch on website

Questions about Linux networking

What is ssh and how do I use it ?


Linux Questions for suits.

How do I become a member of KPLUG ?

How can I send mail from the command line to test my Mail Transport Agent ?

Can you suggest some good books on Linux ?

What accessibility options for physically challenged users are available ?

What's a TechFest ?

What is group wheel?

How do I make GnuPG and PGP talk to each other?




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