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Preliminary Notes on Graphics Viewers Karyaku UMY Karyaku UMY PIMNAS UMY 2012 Septine PIMNAS UMY Karyaku UMY

should be refactored, split and re-referenced from parent: LinuxGraphicsApps

Graphics Viewers includes:

 xv, imagemagick, gwenview, gqview, eog, gthumb, qiv

fileformat notes

  • svg: if saved with pagesize <= object footprint, all viewerssee: GraphicsViewerProgramInfo have problems.
    • so, scale final object total-group by (say) -0.05%.

Simple Viewers

  • display (imagemagick component)
    • display [ [,..]]? -- displays first image in list, or fileopen dialog

Browsing Viewers

  • gthumb -- ok thumbnail browser
    • features: viewer/separate-win, '''find dups''', (tree-) find/view, catalogs, folders
    • can change icon sizes, but there's no quick-change capability (eg hotkey)
    • missing: xcf (has thumbnail but no viewer)
    • subjective: UI somewhat awkward, needs gtk2 update
  • gwenview (kde) -- very nice browser
    • features: thumbnails, xcf, svg, auto-zoom, fullscreen, properties-popup, bookmarks
    • also browses into archives!
    • icon-size slider -- nice
    • missing:
    • subjective: performs edits when I just want to view, then annoys with "not saved" msgs, also: configure is awkward, but factiory default is pretty good.
    • broken:
      • supposed to have built-in video viewer? .. but, it does nothing.
      • all files view does not work!
      • images only view dowes not work
  • gqview -- also good browser, (small dir-pane, large image-pane)
    • features: svg, fit-to-win, view-in-new-win, float-controls
    • missing: xcf
    • resize panes gives good thumbnail browser
    • can change icon sizes, but there's no quick-change capability (eg hotkey)
    • weird: (UI) clicking on image advances to next ???
  • eog -- more of a launcher than a browser
    • open dialog (std gnome) has previews (no xcf,tif, ..)
    • missing: xcf (crashes if try to open)


  • xv -- nice grabber
  • qiv -- intended to replace xv (partially), xloadimage
    • limited manipulation
  • xli .. x load image:
      xli version 1.00 was based on xloadimage version 3.01.
      xli version 1.16 has many improvements over xli 1.00.
  • Image Magick -- versatile/poserful image processing tool
    • 10 progs: animate, compare, composite, conjure, convert, display, identify, import, mogrify, montage
    • main menu: File, Edit, View, Transform, Enhance, Effects, F/X, ImageEdit?, Miscellany, Help


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