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Links to programs providing accessibility for people with Disabilities. Linux Accessibility HOWTO

Linux Accessibility Solutions(Red Hat)

Voice Recognition for Linux

Adaptive Technology Resource Centre University of Toronto

The IBM Linux Accessibility Team contributes to the open-source community's accessibility efforts in order to help accelerate Linux.

Unix and Linux Software Toolkit

Due to the continued growth and evolution of the Linux Accessibility Area, information about Unix and Linux Shareware and Freeware has been moved. The links below refer to material on the Linux Accessibility Resource Site (LARS) (also on the Trace site).

Linux Accessibility Resource Site (LARS)

What is the issue?

The Linux Operating System (also called GNU/Linux) is prevalent among servers and is used a fair amount on desktop systems but it does not yet have sufficient accessibility tools and infrastructure.

Current Work on Linux Accessibility

*Recommendation: Linux-accessibility-related efforts are being started every day and are occasionally "retired". It is therefore difficult to list all projects or all links the encompass the entirety of imaginable tasks that fit under the heading "Linux accessibility". If you cannot find something here or are looking for a specific tool for a specific programming task, it is recommended that you search Google and SourceForge?. If you do find things not listed on these pages, please send a note listing them to: JPSchnapper-Casteras*

Projects (Community, Collaboration) -

  • Access Mozilla - Specifically about Mozilla accessibility but also pertains to Linux accessibility.
  • BLINUX (Blind + Linux BLINUX) - The purpose of BLINUX is to improve usability of the LINUX operating system for the user who is blind.General Linux accessibility project. It was one of the first such projects and contained the first Linux-accessibility-related mailing lists.
  • Disability Action Committee for X (DACX) - This now inactive project included a group of consumers, researchers, and companies whose goal was to develop accessibility features for workstations running the X Window System. Includes historical information about the committee, meeting notes, papers and presentations from the committee's work.
  • GNOME Accessibility Project - An effort to incorporate accessibility features into GNOME, an entirely free desktop environment for Unix and Linux based systems.
  • GNOME Braille Translator (under development) - This project aims to create a Braille transcription program, an input editor for generating graphics, and an output editor for verifying the translation.
  • KDE Accessibility Project - The purpose of the KDE Accessibility Project is to make the the entirety of the K Desktop Environment and (by necessity) its underlying technologies usable by and as efficient as possible for disabled users of all types.
  • Free-b-Software - A project that focuses on free software for the blind.
  • Free Desktop Accessibility Working Group FDAWG) - A working group that grew out of the (1st) Linux Accessibility Conference at CSUN. It has a mailing list to which many active members in the Linux accessibility community belong.
  • Listenup - A project to develop digital talking book standards for Linux.
  • Ocularis - Initially aimed to create a Linux distribution for the visually impaired based on a free software synthesizer, but now it is an umbrella project that spawns many other efforts (KDE Accessibility Project, FDAWG, the Linux Accessibility Conference(s), and this web page). Its website is out of date.
  • Porting UltraSonix to Linux - UltraSonix is the name of the screen reader which evolved out of the Mercator Project at Georgia Tech. The goal of this project is to make UltraSonix available to visually-impaired users running X Window System applications on personal computers using Linux. Please note that any information contained in this section of the site is considered to be outdated and should be used for historical or reference purposes only.

Is there a (commerical/Free(beer)/Free(speech)) Speech-Text program

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