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This is the maintenance weblog for, the Kernel-Panic Linux Users' Group server.


I can add blogs

We're testing blog entries now

Looks like it's having no trouble allowing others to post blog entries. Supwidat?

Created "siteadmins" group

As a start to making Plone a little more managable, the Plone group "siteadmins" was created.

As a first step in the world of permissions for the Plone system we're using for this website, I've created a group called "siteadmins" and granted it all the applicable roles (Member, Manager, Reviewer, Owner). Members of this group will be able to have full control over everything in the KPLUG website via the web interface. Currently, I've added myself (Chef)and jaqque to this group.

Amusingly, a side effect of being in the siteadmins group means you also have permission to post to this blog.

Quills and CMFSpellCheck installed

The Quills weblog product for Zope/Plone and the CMFSpellCheck system have been installed in the kernel-panic website's Plone instance.

I've installed the Quills Enterprise Weblog System as an experiement for KPLUG to use. This particular weblog I have created primarily for the purpose of documenting work that's done to the KPLUG server, sparkplug. Hence, the name "sparkplog". Okay, I know, it's lame.

At any rate:

Quills 0.9-beta1 Installed

This may be a bit bleeding edge, but it's looking a lot nicer than SimpleBlog, and has built-in archiving paths for published entries. Drafts can occasionally get lost, I've found, but they get tucked away into the root folder of the weblog, so if you can convince Plone to show you the Contents view of the weblog root, "lost" drafts should be there.

CMFSpellCheck 0.3 Installed

I've installed this Plone Product as a tool for those of us that can't spell worth a damn when we're typing. Should be pretty stable, but not every type of document might support it. If spell checking is available, you should see a "spelling" tab along with the others in the content portion of the page. Be sure to save the page before clicking on the "spelling" tab, or you'll get really frustrated.

Mission Statement


I created a Mission Statement in my folder and asked for comments on the steering list. Nobody responded, so I posted it to the main page. :-)


Posted by Gregory K. Ruiz-Ade at 2005-04-26 23:22
test comment on jpenix's blog entry
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