Net neutrality proposal

DJA dallen at
Sun May 11 20:44:02 PDT 2014

On 05/11/2014 07:41 PM, Randall Shimizu wrote:
> Most of us in the group are opposed to the principal of net neutrality as
> am I.

On what basis do you claim that most in the group share your opinion? Do 
you most of us? I haven't seen any discussion on the subject here, but 
then maybe I missed something or this has been a meeting topic.

> But I am wondering if would acceptable or plausible to pay for
> additional speed and capacity.

That's great for all of you that have that kind of money. I don't, so if 
I want a small web presence I guess I am forced to play in a digital ghetto.

I am already paying a premium price for bandwidth that some of the rest 
of the world barely considers broadband. And the price seems to go up 
every few months.

> Let me be clear about this I am talking
> about bring online more bandwidth to those that are willing to pay for for
> it.  The downside is that ISP's could use this as a way to demand that
> companies pay for this possibly.

Companies don't pay for anything, including taxes. Their customers do - 
up to the point where their customers can't or won't anymore. So, I get 
screwed on both ends: first as customer of my ISP, and again as a 
customer of any company that is passing on their ISP's jacked up prices 
onto me.

I don't know if net neutrality is a solution. I *do* know that the 
present system is not fair either. Especially in the light of decreased 
regulation and increase in the number of BigCo mergers (and the 
resulting decrease in competition and choice).

At the moment I think I'm on the side of categorizing /all/ 
telecommunication providers (of consumer public access services - e.g. 
telephone, cable TV, satellite, and ISP's) as common carriers, and 
regulating them as such.

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