Free Dumb Phone project update

Michael Spacefalcon msokolov at ivan.Harhan.ORG
Thu May 8 15:07:57 PDT 2014

Just as an FYI, the Free Dumb Phone project I presented last October
is still progressing.  Here is the update I posted on another mailing

The demo I gave back in October was OsmocomBB making a GSM voice call
from a phone tethered to a laptop, with most of the GSM protocol stack
code running on the latter.  That approach is fun for demos and for
hacks (security research etc), but for a practically usable phone one
would need something very different: clearly one would need to have
all of the necessary software running on the phone itself.  Because
OsmocomBB does not have any realistic prospects of being able to run
on a phone without being tethered to a PC, I'm working on my own
alternative instead, called FreeCalypso.  The post linked above gives
the details of where the latter stands, how it is progressing, and the
public Hg source repositories.


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