What do people do to set up email for corporate clients nowadays?

Andrew Lentvorski bsder at allcaps.org
Sun May 4 15:15:22 PDT 2014

On 5/4/14, 9:18 AM, David Brown wrote:

> So, I'd recommend anyone setting up email with a reasonable number of
> clients to at least look into a SPAM appliance.

Not really an option for me.

Some of the people who are part of the company are in countries with
unstable/restrictive governments.  So, while I can rely on software and
generally generic hardware to traverse the gap, I can't really rely on
specific hardware to do so.

In addition, since we have stuff flying through non-friendly firewalls,
etc.  I need some level of authentication (at least) and probably
encryption to make sure that my emails aren't tampered with.

This is a little harder setup than I'm used to.  Normally, I rely on
"crunchy shell, soft chewy center" type security.  The fact that even
internal communications and systems are expected to be hostile is a
little different.  It's *good*.  It's the way we *should* do things.
But it's different and harder.

Two factor with a dongle is probably next.  I don't know how well that's
going to work.


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