What do people do to set up email for corporate clients nowadays?

Tony Su tonysu at su-networking.com
Fri May 2 10:10:15 PDT 2014

If I can modify your question a little bit..
How <should> email be setup nowadays for Business use?

1. The bits and pieces of spam filtering I've been reading about recently
suggests how difficult it is to tune anti-spam, particularly for any DIY.
Recently I read that Google is doing a substantially better job than the
competition (one reason to use Google either as the main mail provider or
as a gateway). Also, filtering can depend on the business and its common
vocabulary. When I was doing tech for my startups in Healthcare, it was
always difficult to differentiate between legitimate and illegitimate mail
based on scoring content. I always found it was more effective to simply
block the Senders (generally speaking, spam still comes from easily sources
easily identifiable over time).

2. It's been a couple years since I posted to this List about SSL Webmail
gateways, IMO it's one of the best little used apps that should be deployed
because of its many benefits.
- Users can access their mail using webmail clients, a universal tool. No
need to deal with client app issues.
- By proxying the mail, you know have a multitude of new capabilities
including logging, egress filtering (Yes! - Outbound filtering to control
leakage!), routing, more.
Of course you want to use open source, and a quick search suggests a few
choices instead of the one or two a couple years ago.
Even if someone wanted to use a dedicated email client, nowadays I would
still route mail through an outbound email gateway to filter outbound


On Fri, May 2, 2014 at 9:45 AM, Neil Schneider <pacneil at linuxgeek.net>wrote:

> On Thu, May 1, 2014 4:16 pm, Andrew Lentvorski wrote:
> > I can run and configure an email server just fine
> > (FreeBSD/Postfix/Dovecot/IMAP has been my preferred weapon of choice for
> > a while).
> >
> > However, what is the best way for handling anti-SPAM as well as webmail
> > access, nowadays.  I don't really use either of those I use JunQuilla
> > and Lightning on Thunderbird, and they seem to work for me.
> >
> > However, I just do *NOT* use webmail, so I have no idea what is actually
> > good on that front nowadays or even what to expect.
> I'm going to be setting up new servers at my work. I plan to use postfix,
> cyrus-imap, cyus-sasl, spammassassin, amavisd, dcc and squirrelmail.
> On my own server I instruct my users to create a ham and spam mailbox for
> themselves. And then every once in a while, I run spamd against those. I
> get almost no spam from my own server. I get some from foreign accounts
> that forward, but that just gets added to my spam folder and run through
> spamassassin.
> Works for me. YMMV.
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