Followup: DAT/VHS Video Tape Conversion Suggestions

Mark Schoonover mark.schoonover at
Fri Dec 26 17:44:24 PST 2014

I dropped $16 on a PVR-150 and it works just fine. I've been able to
convert a few tapes simply by cat /dev/video0 > file.mpg. What I would like
to do though is preview the tape before doing the capture. Some tapes need
the tracking adjusted and using cat, well, can't tell that's required.

I've tried VLC to capture from /dev/video0 but nothing shows on the monitor
both for video and audio and the VLC timer increments. Using cat
/dev/video0 to mpg file works fine so I know the hardware is good. I've
made sure I have the 150 input set to composite 1, I've put my user name in
the video group, but so far, nothing seems to work. I don't get any error
messages from VLC. Is there something I'm missing? It would also be nice to
fast forward through the tape so I can see how much time was recorded. I
put together a simple bash script to enter the mpg file name and duration
of recording so the cat command can be killed. The mpg file size is 2G for
an hour tape.

Thanks again for all the help on which card to buy. The conversions I've
done look really good.

Mark Schoonover RUSA #5251

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