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Sat Dec 13 01:29:39 PST 2014

I have a friend who is a professional photographer. I paused to mention her because she is not technical. I'll ask her anyway, if you want. Send me a private email with your phone number and I'll forward it to her.

On Fri, Dec 12, 2014 8:10 PM PST Spacefalcon the Outlaw wrote:

>Andrew Lentvorski <bsder at> wrote:
>> Okay, so I assume that you looked at the Molex site and didn't find it
>> there.
>No, I haven't, no time.  I set my priorities, not you.  Pictures first.
>> If you find the various phones morally impermissible,
>Not "various", but proprietary.  The vast majority of the currently
>existing ones are 100% proprietary, and those I will not touch at all.
>There are some very few existing phones that have been partially freed
>to a degree that I am willing to use them in the interim until I build
>my own 100% free one.  The Pirelli DP-L10 dumbphone I use currently is
>one of them, Motorola C1xx family is another, the legendary Neo
>Freerunner by Openmoko is yet another.
>The only proper solution is to build a 100% free phone.  I've been
>working on this project since 2011, and I'll be giving an update on
>the current status and upcoming next steps in my upcoming KPLUG
>presentation on 2015-01-08.
>The reason I need to identify the little connectors in question is so
>I can use similar ones in my own cellphone design.  Using one of the
>ultra-proprietary devices you suggested for the picture-taking would
>be utterly hypocritical, hence that approach is impermissible for me.
>I would rather spend a little more money and use a standalone camera
>that is not part of any phone at all.
>But as I already said earlier, my primary problem is not the lack of a
>camera, but the lack of skills to operate one.  Hence I am still
>looking for a professional technical photographer.  I have my own
>guidelines when to DIY and when to defer to professionals.
>> you may want to
>> keep track of this kind of thing:
>> "The $12 Gongkai Phone"
>The concept of Gongkai which he explains is a good one.  The approach
>by which I am building my own 100% free phone is essentially the same,
>as I will explain in full proper detail in my upcoming KPLUG
>presentation.  But there is one very important difference: the phone
>he talks about uses an MTK chipset, whereas I am using TI Calypso for
>my designs.  TI Calypso is more free, i.e., it has been liberated (by
>means which the Western world might consider to be illegal) much more
>Again, come to my talk on 2015-01-08 to hear the details.
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