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On Fri, Dec 12, 2014 at 8:10 PM, Spacefalcon the Outlaw
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> Andrew Lentvorski <bsder at> wrote:
>> Okay, so I assume that you looked at the Molex site and didn't find it
>> there.
> No, I haven't, no time.  I set my priorities, not you.  Pictures first.
>> If you find the various phones morally impermissible,
> Not "various", but proprietary.  The vast majority of the currently
> existing ones are 100% proprietary, and those I will not touch at all.
> But as I already said earlier, my primary problem is not the lack of a
> camera, but the lack of skills to operate one.  Hence I am still
> looking for a professional technical photographer.  I have my own
> guidelines when to DIY and when to defer to professionals.

How about an amateur technical photographer.

I have two cameras either of which would probably do the job.
However, if you have qualms about proprietary firmware, be advised
that since these are relatively modern cameras with solid-state
storage, they both have a fair amount of embedded firmware of unknown
origin.  The newer camera even has occasional downloadable firmware

If you really want to go back in camera history and avoid firmware, I
also have a 35mm film SLR camera which I have not used in many years.
It has a complement of various lenses, again one of them would most
likely do the job.  But you lose the immediate feedback of the camera
with microSD storage.  Also I don't offhand know where one would get
the film processed.


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