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Spacefalcon the Outlaw falcon at ivan.Harhan.ORG
Fri Dec 12 20:10:50 PST 2014

Andrew Lentvorski <bsder at> wrote:

> Okay, so I assume that you looked at the Molex site and didn't find it
> there.

No, I haven't, no time.  I set my priorities, not you.  Pictures first.

> If you find the various phones morally impermissible,

Not "various", but proprietary.  The vast majority of the currently
existing ones are 100% proprietary, and those I will not touch at all.

There are some very few existing phones that have been partially freed
to a degree that I am willing to use them in the interim until I build
my own 100% free one.  The Pirelli DP-L10 dumbphone I use currently is
one of them, Motorola C1xx family is another, the legendary Neo
Freerunner by Openmoko is yet another.

The only proper solution is to build a 100% free phone.  I've been
working on this project since 2011, and I'll be giving an update on
the current status and upcoming next steps in my upcoming KPLUG
presentation on 2015-01-08.

The reason I need to identify the little connectors in question is so
I can use similar ones in my own cellphone design.  Using one of the
ultra-proprietary devices you suggested for the picture-taking would
be utterly hypocritical, hence that approach is impermissible for me.
I would rather spend a little more money and use a standalone camera
that is not part of any phone at all.

But as I already said earlier, my primary problem is not the lack of a
camera, but the lack of skills to operate one.  Hence I am still
looking for a professional technical photographer.  I have my own
guidelines when to DIY and when to defer to professionals.

> you may want to
> keep track of this kind of thing:
> "The $12 Gongkai Phone"

The concept of Gongkai which he explains is a good one.  The approach
by which I am building my own 100% free phone is essentially the same,
as I will explain in full proper detail in my upcoming KPLUG
presentation.  But there is one very important difference: the phone
he talks about uses an MTK chipset, whereas I am using TI Calypso for
my designs.  TI Calypso is more free, i.e., it has been liberated (by
means which the Western world might consider to be illegal) much more

Again, come to my talk on 2015-01-08 to hear the details.


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