Technical photographer needed

Andrew Lentvorski bsder at
Fri Dec 12 19:24:02 PST 2014

On 12/11/14, 5:27 PM, Spacefalcon the Outlaw wrote:
> Tracy Reed <treed at> wrote:
>> If you haven't already, find a friend with a modern iPhone or Android phone.
>> The cameras on these things are amazingly good. I've taken pictures of small
>> things with no problems.
> Morally impermissible.  Instead I need to find someone who will take
> my money to snap the necessary pictures with a standalone camera that
> is NOT part of an iPhone or an Android or any other similar immoral
> device.

Okay, so I assume that you looked at the Molex site and didn't find it

If you find the various phones morally impermissible, you may want to
keep track of this kind of thing:

"The $12 Gongkai Phone"

While this phone does not have features like cameras, many other Chinese
phones do.  These are unlocked phones, and most of the feature set is
usable even if you do not associate with a tower or have a SIM card.

In addition, Andrew "Bunnie" Huang's blog is good in general, and you
may also be interested in the Novena open source laptop.


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