DVD player crashes on Ubuntu 13.04

Franklin Johnston fpjohnston at gmail.com
Fri May 24 13:48:02 PDT 2013

Got a DVD for my kids and it crashes VLC Media Player and Totem. The
crashes are completely reproducible and are identical: an assertion failure
in some file called searching.c. They occur when I try to advance to a
point about 45-50 minutes into the DVD. Prior to that, it plays just fine.
And I've been playing with DVDs without incident.

This is not a hardware issue with either the DVD or the drive. I used dd to
make an ISO image, and using that didn't change the behavior. Nor did
resetting my VLC preferences or downloading their latest nightly build.

I expect I'll be filling out a bug report shortly, but I just wanted to let
people know, in case you encounter something similar. When it first
happened, my suspicion focused first on the DVD and then on the drive. But
now it appears it's purely a software issue with these two applications,
especially since Media Player had no problems with the DVD on Win 7.

If anyone needs to know, the DVD is *Kiki's Delivery Service*, one of many
anime films from Hayao Miyazaki.

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