Booting from USB drives

Carl Lowenstein carl.lowenstein at
Sun May 12 20:10:47 PDT 2013

On Sun, May 12, 2013 at 4:33 PM, Franklin Johnston <fpjohnston at>wrote:

> Actually, I ended up formatting the entire drive as FAT32. I probably
> should have done that first, before trying to complicate things with
> multiple partitions. But it didn't make any difference: still no sign that
> it's even trying to boot from it. And yet I still get "Error loading
> operating system" for a second flash drive that isn't bootable.
> FWIW, I tried this with both *unetbootin* and *Startup Disk Creator* on
> Ubuntu 13.04. And the disk looked pretty much the same after each
> initialization.

What kind of computer are you trying to boot this on?  Does it by any
chance have the new-fangled UEFI rather than the long-lived BIOS?  Maybe
even with the Microsoft-inspired Secure Boot functionality?

These are things you will have to work around.  There is a fair amount of
information available on the net, I don't have my notes in a readily
accessible place.


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