Booting from USB drives

Franklin Johnston fpjohnston at
Sun May 12 10:03:06 PDT 2013

I understand that in order to boot from a USB drive, it needs be formatted
as FAT32. Is it possible to have a FAT32 partition for booting, and one or
more other partitions formatted as NTFS, ext4, etc.?

Based on what I've found, it does not appear possible to use Windows to
create multiple partitions. Also, Windows apparently cannot see more than
the first partition (one website said this was a feature and not a bug).

On Ubuntu, I am able to use *gparted* to create multiple partitions, and I
was able to format one as NTFS and another as FAT32. I was subsequently
able to use *unetbootin* to install Ubuntu on the second, but when I tried
booting, it ignored the drive completely.

The BIOS is configured to boot from USB first, and it works with another
flash drive to the point of telling me that there is no operating system to
boot up.

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