KPLUG Monthly meeting for May 2013

Gus Wirth gwirth79 at
Wed May 8 21:32:33 PDT 2013

Tomorrow  (9 may 2013) is the monthly KPLUG meeting held at the UCSD
Extension in Mission Valley. See the web site for directions.

Peter Blajev will continue his overview of the ZFS features. He will
demonstrate how to create a zpool and what should be considered when
creating zpools in terms of speed, reliability and compliance with best
practices. Peter will create test ZFS file systems that he'll use to
show NFS exports, managing snapshots and replication.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to do the presentation on OCR because I
can't guarantee I'll be able to make the meeting due to work
commitments. This is the second time I've bailed on this but I will
eventually do the presentation sometime this year.

I'm sure if there is time left over it can be filled with all kinds of
interesting Q&A on Linux topics.


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