Want to buy: a compact Linux-compatible printer

Michael Spacefalcon msokolov at ivan.Harhan.ORG
Mon Aug 27 20:06:34 PDT 2012

Hello fellow LUGers,

Would anyone here happen to have an extra printer you'd be willing to
sell, one that works with Linux?  I don't want to buy a "new in box"
one from a store, because "new in box" + Linux practically translates
into "compatibility uncertain" until after all box seals have been
broken and returns are subject to restocking fees, non-refundable
shipping, hassle and headache, etc.  Instead I would rather buy a
pre-owned one, one that is NOT sealed in a box and which I could try
with my laptop before I buy.

What kind of printer am I looking for?  The most important criterion
is compactness: it needs to be small and lightweight enough that it
could be reasonably packed into checked baggage for air travel.  (For
stationary use, I already have some nice "workhorse" printers, big HP
LaserJet 4Si and 5Si, which I'm very happy with - what I need now is a
compact printer for travel, to be used with a laptop.)  I know about
the printers that are specifically marketed as "mobile" (with a
chargeable battery like a laptop, and a wireless interface), but they
are noticeably more expensive, and I don't need that level of
mobility: having a printer that would need to be plugged into a power
outlet in the hotel room and connected to the laptop with a USB cable
would be just fine, as long as it's compact enough to fly with me as

So I'm looking for something like a very basic, entry-level Deskjet:
if I were to buy new, I'd probably go with an HP Deskjet 1000, but I
don't want to do the exercise of buying, then opening a sealed box to
find out if it'll give me a hard time in terms of driver requirements,
etc.  So I'm looking for something similar, but used, already opened
and set up, which I could try with my laptop before I buy.  The
simpler, the better: a model WITHOUT wireless would be preferable to
me, and a print-only would be preferable to all-in-one.

Would anyone here happen to have something like that which I could
take off your hands?  If someone does, perhaps you could bring it to
the next meeting - I'll have my laptop with me, and if we can make the
printer work with it and I like the compactness/basicness factors,
I'll buy it.


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