Physically attacked for using FOSS

Robert Donovan rdtradecraft at
Wed Mar 4 15:58:55 PST 2009

2009/3/4 Tracy Reed <treed at>:
> Wow. Could my Linux bumpersticker get my ass kicked by an irate or out
> of work Microsoftie? Is this the new Luddism?

It already happened to me a few days ago when I was out wearing my new
KPLUG T-shirt. In the parking lot at CV center, I was forced to
physically defend my person and the honor of KPLUG from some moron who
claimed that FOSS was illegal and had cost him his job, and that he
couldn't find work because he couldn't do Linux. He likened the money
I make teaching and consulting with Linux to blood money and expressed
a desire to make me pay. I perhaps made a mistake in saying I taught a
class in Linux and would be glad to teach him about it, because he
grabbed my shirt in his fist and I responded aggressively. Um, luckily
for me, our side won decisively.


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