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DJA dallen at
Sat Jul 30 20:03:34 PDT 2005

Todd Walton wrote:
> On 7/30/05, DJA <dallen at> wrote:
>>Linus has plainly stated that he uses the SCM /he/ prefers, and he
>>doesn't much give a rat's ass as to what /others/ prefer he uses. That
>>seems pretty "End of discussion"-ish to me. Why doesn't anyone else get it?
> What?  Others can't have an opinion about which SCM would be the best
> for the job?

Why is that every time someone express an opinion counter to a 
previously expressed opinion, the standard red herring reply is "What, 
I'm not allowed to express an opinion!"?. Nobody said you weren't 
entitled to an opinion. The opinion was merely disagreed with, so don't 
try to turn the discussion into a first amendment issue.

> No one that I know of is actually insisting that Linus
> change his mind.  They're just debating which would have been the best
> choice.

How does one not specifically involved in maintaining the Linux kernel 
on a daily or at least weekly basis have a better perspective on exactly 
what is the best method of doing so?

I personally don't see any benefit of second guessing how those people 
should do their jobs - unless of course one makes an offer to actually 
be a kernel manager/maintainer, and the offer is accepted.

But unless those expressing such opinions are actually kernel 
maintainers, then not only are their opinions without influence, they 
are also moot. Sure, anyone can opine on what they think is best on the 
kernel, but it's a bit like bitching about the government while never 
having voted.

> Secondly, I think more people have a vested interest in the welfare of
> the Linux software than any other piece of software.

I would say that, given the number of people that use Linux software 
versus the percentage of those people who actually /contribute/ to Linux 
software, just about nobody has a /vested/ interest in its welfare.

 > It's natural to think about the consequences of major decisions like
 > the choice of SCM.

Like I already said, if Linus's choice of SCM breaks Linux then we can 
all start pointing fingers. Somehow I think he's smarter than that. Much 

    Best Regards,

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