Win98 Bootable ISO

rernst at rernst at
Wed Jul 27 16:11:36 PDT 2005

> I need to create a bootable CD that will run a DOS application. I
> actually have an ISO for a bootable Win98 CD that a customer created,
> but I need some of the files changed. I have no floppy drive in my
> laptop (for a bootable Win98/DOS disk), no Win98/DOS machines
> available, and no Win98/DOS boot images except in the ISO and on the
> CD made from it.
> How can I create a bootable DOS CD?

If all you need is a bootable CD that boots TO DOS, just insert a
bootable floppy (or image) and burn that to a "bootable" CD (not an
ISO).  I think there's a command for mkisofs or cdrecord to include an
image file of a floppy for booting.  If you need the hard disk support,
that's different.

If you need an image of a plain DOS bootable floppy, let me know, I'll
zip it up and email it to you directly.


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