SELinux a replacement for chroot jails?

Christian Seberino seberino at
Mon Jul 25 12:24:43 PDT 2005

Thanks.  I was trying to get stunnel to be in a chroot jail.
I thought you had to just guess what /usr and /lib files
you needed.  I didn't know there were automated ways to do it.
Very nice.  So does everyone run ALL servers on chroot jails
if they setting them up has been automated?


On Mon, 2005-07-25 at 10:36, Michael O'Keefe wrote:
> Christian Seberino wrote:
> > I've had trouble implementing chroot jails and
> > remembered SELinux is about access control too.
> What's your problem with chroot jails ? Maybe we can help !
> I have a script that installs all the necessary RPM's in a chroot 
> location just so RPM can work in a chroot jail. After that, I run 
> everything in the chroot jail to verify I have a list of all 
> dependencies, for building software, testing it, and running it.
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