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Sat Jul 23 13:04:32 PDT 2005

Carl Lowenstein wrote:
> On 7/22/05, DJA <dallen at> wrote:
>>Tracy R Reed wrote:
>>>>Same with vi(m) -- <esc>: causes the "w" key to display "write",
>>>>"q" key to display "quit", etc.
>>Or better yet, display (and output) "qu" instead of just "q", as all AAC
>>[1] devices do.
>>[1] Augmentative and Alternative Communication
> Obviously, you never travel to Qatar or Qum, or fly on Qantas airlines.
>     carl

No, and neither do virtually 100% of English speaking computer users. So 
who cares? How often do you type these words? These are the exceptions - 
and they aren't even (commonly used) English words. ;-P

    Best Regards,

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