Managing The Talent

Todd Walton tdwalton at
Sun Jul 17 15:11:25 PDT 2005

Managing for Creativity

"After seeing some of the ideas management comes up with as a result
of reading the Harvard Business Review, you may be tempted to hide
their copies. But make sure they see this month's Managing for
Creativity by Dr. Jim Goodnight, the still code-cranking CEO of SAS,
the world's largest privately held software company." From the
article: "Many academics and businesses have made inroads into this
field. Management guru Peter Drucker identified the role of knowledge
workers and, long before the dot-com era, warned of the perils of
trying to "bribe" them with stock options and other crude financial
incentives. This view is supported by the research of Harvard Business
School's Teresa Amabile and Yale University's Robert Sternberg, which
shows that creative people are motivated from within and respond much
better to intrinsic rewards than to extrinsic ones."

I don't know what they're talking about!  Companies can get away with
treating programmers like cattle and still make money!  Programmers
must unionize to ward off this threat.  Those companies that mistreat
their employees will still make money and continue their reign of
terror, whatever the "guru" says.

...  Yes, that was sarcasm.

-todd, troll?

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