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Mike Marion mmarion at miguelito.org
Fri Jul 15 13:45:13 PDT 2005

Quoting Stewart Stremler <bofh at stremler.net>:

> I think we have the culture of victimization at play here. How are
> they being punished?

When an employer cannot give you any kind of reward for hard work due to the
contract, you are, in essense, having your hard work negated.  If I had known
that going in, I never would've taken that first job that required the union,
because it did seem like the union was punishing hard workers.

> What, performance bonuses are given out on the basis of seniority?  I
> was under the impression that bonuses are separate from salary and
> managed under a different set of rules.

IIRC, they didn't have "performance" bonuses at all, but bonuses based on
time.. like certain anniversaries would get a bonus.

I had numerous leads (the non-management heads of the food stands that
basically had tons more responsibility laid on their heads, but no real power
to go with it) tell me (and my friend) several times that they would've given
us a bonus, or raise if they could, because we were the only ones that did
such a good job at closing, without complaining.  But even when they relayed
their opinions to management, there was nothing they could do because of the

> What if the Zoo gave you a pay-cut instead?  Do you say "Give me a pay
> increase, or else!"?

No, I'd likely leave and work elsewhere.

> But that's not a problem with the idea of a union, only the implementation.

Actually, I agree with you on that.. the only problem is, they always seem to
slide into bad implementations these days.

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