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Mike Marion mmarion at miguelito.org
Thu Jul 14 15:06:33 PDT 2005

Quoting Gabriel Sechan <gsechan at hotmail.com>:

>> Even in non-union shops, I've never seen wage increases based on
>> performance -- it's almost always based on sucking-up, or leverage.
> Amen.  My bonus?  Based on company performance hitting a magic number (side
> peeve: management won't release the number).  I can work my ass off and not
> do anything to effect it.  Raises?  Frozen since I've been here.  And still
> only partly performanced based- its more based on what other in the lab are
> earning in their pay brackets.  No union here-  just corporate managment,
> not treating us fairly because they can get away with it.  On top of this,
> new CEO so layoffs are likely.  This place is a good candidate for a union
> these days.

Man.. you guys have worked for some sucky companies.  We have our goals
spelled out pretty plainly for us here.  I even got one raise a couple years
ago out of the blue.. partly because they'd done a comparison of our pay vs
industry standards and we were slipping some, and also I was doing such a
good job.

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