How do multiple IP addresses with Xen?

Mike Odegard dev at
Thu Jul 14 13:12:34 PDT 2005

The host OS, and each virtual PC have their own MAC address.  They 
bridge on the same physical cable.
When a packet returns on the physical cable, a broadcast is sent asking 
for the owner of the destination MAC address.  All the OS's check to see 
if it's for them, based on the destination MAC address, and reply if it 
is.  All others ignore it once they determine it's not for them.

At least, that how VMWare works. 
Xen is probably similar.

seberino at wrote:

>Sure Xen gives you virtual PCs, but, you can't very well
>hook up virtual Ethernet cables into virtual NICs!?!?
>How does an ISP farm out 10 virtual PCs with 10
>*different* IP addresses all on the SAME machine!?
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