Email Association and Firefox

DJA dallen at
Tue Jul 12 17:46:34 PDT 2005

In upgrading to Fedora Core 4 recently, I finally joined the 
Firefox/Thunderbird club. While I like both programs, they have their 
annoyances, and in fact both seem to have given up some of the more 
useful functionality of their Mozilla ancestor.

Case in point: Firefox (FFox). I have found no way to tell FFox to open 
Thunderbird (Tbird) as my MUA when clicking on a mailto: link. FFox 
insists on launching Evolution. Now while that may be a great MUA (I 
don't know, never used it), I use TBird. On principle, I want to use the 
application *I* want to use, not the one the coder suggests I use.

Does anyone know how to tell FFox to stop second guessing me and run 
*my* choice of mail program?

[This problem presents under KDE, I don't know about Gnome, and frankly 
don't care. Yes, I have looked for and tweaked any setting in KDE which 
/might help on the chance that it's actually a default KDE setting.]

    Best Regards,

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