Virtualization, 20yrs late. Was: "Death of a firewall" and Xen

Andrew Lentvorski bsder at
Tue Jul 12 15:45:57 PDT 2005

David Thomas wrote:
>>Sure, but then that defeats the whole point of a "$300 pee cee".  At 
>>that point I might as well spend $4000 on a power server as I'm likely 
>>to be spending $2000 (or so) on the pee cee and $700 on the card and 
>>still only getting a Band-Aid solution.
> Let's be specific.  What exactly would you spend that $4000 on?  What is
> a "power server"?
> If you think the IBM solution is Band-Aid I suggest you have a second
> look at the technology.  IPMI _is_ band-aid.  Remember that IBM still is
> a mainframe company.  Andrew, what specifically are you missing that 
> reduces this to "Band-Aid"?

Ummm, I think you got my meaning backward.

My comment is that the Power server is fully-supported in management the 
whole way from power on to fully functional.  This is good and is the 
right way to do thing.
$4799 retail.  Normally available for quite a bit less.

No matter how good the IBM card which works on x86 is, it is hamstrung 
by the fact that the underlying computer must still be PeeCee compatible.


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