System slowness a major user complaint? Was: Virtualization, 20yrs late.

Wade Curry wade-ml-kplug at
Mon Jul 11 19:46:23 PDT 2005

DJA said:

> I know a lot of people running old versions of software on old versions
>   of OSes on old hardware. I seldom hear complaints about performance.
> Even when I do, it's far down on the list of things which irritate them.
> More important is waiting to download the 16 MB's of pictures from Aunt
> Sady and having to wade through junk mail.

I don't get so upset about overall speed as I do about basic responsiveness, if I
may make a distinction.  Why is $this_app unable to open a menu while it's waiting
for a remote query to return? Why can't I click on the desktop while the other app
is waiting for a file to be recieved? I have a several apps in mind that I use every
day at work on a fairly _new_ machine that do these kinds of things.  I want more
feedback, too.

But you _really_ hit a nerve with the large e-mail thing.  I have 2 in-laws who do
this kind of thing incessantly.  Today I got a 5.6MB message sent to no less than 36
people.  While this e-mail was being sent to her assigned SMTP host, and had to be
written, and then duplicated to a total of something over 200MB on the hard disk,
some poor slob trying to shoot off a quick note to his buddy thought that his PC was
just too slow to transmit 1.3k.  That's the guy who complained to Gabe. ;-)

I try to explain... They think I'm just a crab.

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