Virtualization, 20yrs late. Was: "Death of a firewall" and Xen

DJA dallen at
Mon Jul 11 17:49:49 PDT 2005

Gabriel Sechan wrote:
>> From: Andrew Lentvorski <bsder at>
>> Personally, I *still* don't care.  Rather than virtual x86's, I would 
>> rather have a "virtual processor" so I don't have to care about x86, 
>> PowerPC, Alpha, etc.  I'm tired of "processor specific".  Given that 
>> people don't actually care about overall performance in 90+% of all 
>> applications, it's time we dumped that whole issue in the trash.
> Funny-  the number one complaint I hear from anyone who uses computers 
> is how slow the apps are.  Specifically loading and processor intensive 
> parts (not so much the sit around waiting for a keyboard press parts).  

Apparently the group you talk about is too sophisticated. Complaints 
about computer performance from people at work, other than the generic 
clerk types, don't count.

The vast majority of people using PC's at any given time is pretty much 
in the same group that's licensed to driver on public roads: neither 
group is overly qualified, despite having been allowed to use that 
particular piece of machinery.

And that machinery is generally less than new. Or less peppy than what 
they actually use it for. Yet they are ignorantly happy with what they 
have - certainly given what they've spent for it.

> You must know a lot of people running old versions of software on very 
> new PCs, because anyone on slightly older PCs (2-3 years old) or running 
> the most recent version of apps bitch like crazy about performance.

I know a lot of people running old versions of software on old versions 
  of OSes on old hardware. I seldom hear complaints about performance. 
Even when I do, it's far down on the list of things which irritate them. 
More important is waiting to download the 16 MB's of pictures from Aunt 
Sady and having to wade through junk mail.

Even when performance is an issue, it's because Windows has been 
infested and compromised by malware to such a degree that it's virtually 
unusable. Up 'til then, lousy, slow, buggy computer performance is 
considered business as usual. Ignorance really is bliss.

> For myself-  I've never had a problem with processor specific stuff.  
> Granted, I don't own a PowerPC, Alpha, etc.  But I know I'd be utterly 
> unwilling to give up the rperformance to have everything in some byte 
> code and interpreted.
> Gabe

See, there's the problem. The sample group I associate with "Most 
people" (aka "The man on the street") would have no clue about words 
like PowerPC, Alpha, byte code, or interpreted ("I don't know what you 
mean; my computer uses English").

    Best Regards,

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