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DJA dallen at
Sun Jul 10 17:33:59 PDT 2005

John Oliver wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 08, 2005 at 11:55:14PM -0700, David M. Cook wrote:
>>Uh oh, does this make you one of Arnold's "special interests".
>>Glad to hear you're making a successful career change.
> Not really... if "pension reform" comes along, and if it affects the
> county, it'll only be for new hires after the fact.  There's no way they
> can take pensions from people who are already in a certain plan...
> that's half of the problem with the City pension mess.  Aguirre wants to
> "roll back" the questionable/illegal increases, but state law says you
> can't do that.

State and Federal law also says an (possibly fraudulently) illegal 
contract is an illegal contract. And unenforceable as such. If I buy a 
car on good faith, only to find out later it was stolen, I don't get to 
keep the car.

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