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Neil Schneider pacneil at
Sun Jul 10 12:52:01 PDT 2005

Ian MacLure said:

> 	Snorq, mmmmph, Bwahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa.
> 	Stop it your killing me!
> 	Call me a cynic if you will but there is no way in hell
> 	the current SS system will be able to fund benefits at anything like
> 	current levels.
> 	The demographic load is radically different than it was when SS
> 	debuted back in the 30's ( something like 16? taxpayers per
> 	beneficiary and heading towards 3 or 2 to1 currently ).
> 	I don't expect to see even a small fraction of what I've paid in.

Nope, and you won't see anywhere near the amount you paid in for other
insurance either. You, like many other people, are confusing Social
Security, and insurance policy, with something like a 401K, which is a
retirement plan. Social Security was never intended, nor should it be
viewed as a retirement plan.

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