Does there exist good free web hosting for commercial use?

Michael J McCafferty mike at
Thu Jul 7 15:31:13 PDT 2005

   John Oliver said it, and I concur. Thankfully, I have no shortage of people
that used to be with el cheapo hosts (under $10/mo) that are willing to pay me
MORE (only $20/mo total) for availability, consistency, control and features,
etc. for their businesses or personal web sites. They are so sick of the
support or the restrctions of free hosts. I can't imagine wanting to put a
business site on one.

   I recently rebooted our shared hosting server after 250 days uptime for a
kernel upgrade and to reclaim some memory that wasn't release for some reason.
The reboot was done during scheduled maintenance hours, late at night, and a
email notification of the 5 minute outage was made in advance. The last time
there was a network outage was for the installation of the new firewall 381
days ago. The shared hosting server over the last month has averaged 2.99% CPU
tilization. 15min Load Average is 0.14 presently (I don't have an average for
the month). This is not to say that all paid sites are good, before I was in
the business I had some aweful hosts ( for example where the server
was paging like crazy and averaging around 80% CPU).

  I guarantee your free hosts are not working with numbers like these. Their
remarkable numbers are things like "100,000 sites per server", "60,000,000 ad
impressions per month", 50,000 support tickets deferred or expired (not
resolved or closed). 1 million minutes on hold or 1 million minutes sent to
off-shore call centers.

John, are you still offering hosting services ? 


Quoting John Oliver <joliver at>:

> On Thu, Jul 07, 2005 at 11:27:33AM -0700, seberino at wrote:
> > Does there exist good free web hosting for commercial use?
> If it's for commercial (as in, making money) use, you should be willing
> to pay for a quality host that's going to keep you up and running...
> "Help!  My website is down, and it's costing me money!"  "Yeeaaahhhh...
> you're a free customer?  We'll get *right* on that for you.  Just gotta
> take a quick nap first... <SSKKNNXXXX>"
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