Subversion vs Clearcase

Michael O'Keefe mokeefe at
Tue Jul 5 11:49:14 PDT 2005

>> And I *REALLY* loved the time it cut down on building large systems 
>> becoz of it's DO subsystem. Now that I'm using PerForce (a 
>> copy-to-local CRM), if someone changes a major header, EVERYBODY has 
>> to rebuild :(
> Could you explain this in more detail?

CC keeps track of what it took to build a .o (and subsequent .so/.a's)
This includes header and source files (and their respective revisions, 
if under CC) as well as compiler flags.

If someone has already built the .o that you need to build, clearmake 
would simply give you the derived-object (DO) instead of rebuilding it 

Once someone has built the system with the recently touched code, 
everyone else got the DO's, and build time was GREATLY reduced for 
almost everyone (the first sucker had to spend the most time, of course :)

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