802.11g and Linux

DJA dallen at codermotor.com
Sat Jul 2 20:29:41 PDT 2005

DJA wrote:
> Michael J McCafferty wrote:
>> All,
>>     I am a RH kind of guy. I have a 802.11b AP, but haven't used it 
>> much in the last year. My work laptop (Winblows) can do 802.11g, and 
>> we use it at work. I want to use it here at home too. But, my other 
>> laptop is Linux (the distro of the week on this unit is currently 
>> CentOS 4.1), but I want to use 802.11g with it both at work and home.
>>     Which 802.11g PCMCIA cards work with Linux ? Experiences with RHEL 
>> and Fedora distros are especially interesting.
>>     Any issues to worry about when it comes to using WPA with TKIP ?
>> Thanks,
>> Mike
> Ah, very timely question. It turns out I just bought a laptop (Asus 
> Z7100, but more on that in another thread) with built-in wireless - 
> Intel 2200BG (required by the Centrino logo). I researched the buy 
> before I bought it, so I know everything works in at least Ubuntu and 
> Gentoo.
> I've set it up to dual boot WinXP/FC4. I've set up XP, where the 
> wireless seems to work - I can see some networks in the area - but I 
> have yet to try snooping with Linux.
> So, let us both learn. I plan to play with the wireless this evening. 
> I'll report back when something works/breaks.

I've proved that the Intel 2200BG card does work in Linux. I booted from 
the Auditor Live CD 
(http://new.remote-exploit.org/index.php/Auditor_main) and managed to 
get some utilities to see networks in my neighborhood.

But I have yet to get the card usable in FC4. The KDE Network tool says 
the assigned driver for the wireless card is 3c501, which is obviously 
wrong. Lsmod show that the correct driver is loaded. ??

But I am making small progress. I think.

    Best Regards,

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