Hi! This is the ezmlm program

Robert Stickney spidermn at san.rr.com
Mon Jun 28 08:02:35 PDT 2004

Mike Easter wrote:
> Mike Easter wrote:
>>Re: ezmlm warning
> This post of mine got back to me in about 21 hours, but of the last 40
> I've received, there are quite a few that are 5 days old, and the oldest
> is about 7 days old.  So, the few that never make it are sometimes not
> that much better off than the ones that do.  Following conversations in
> which some posts are delayed by a few hours and some by a week is a
> little weird.  Time warpish.
> Wasn't there some plan to replace ezmlm with something else?  I was
> sorta hopin' things would improve when that happened.

I have also noticed this. Occasionally I will see replies to a post 
hours, and sometimes even days, before I see the original post.

Robert Stickney

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