Favor needed from KPLUG

Paul G. Allen pgallen at randomlogic.com
Wed Jun 23 16:05:16 PDT 2004

Andrew P. Lentvorski, Jr. wrote:

> On Jun 23, 2004, at 12:48 PM, Paul G. Allen wrote:
>> The person below continues sending viruses to me and who knows how 
>> many others (copy of one such message below, I'm sure it's a typical 
>> luser that has no idea his computer is infected). I've been receiving 
>> them at the rate of at least one a day since around April. I've called 
>> the ISP (mpowercom.net) and they said their abuse policy is that they 
>> will do nothing unless they receive at least five complaints from 
>> different people.
> Bah.  This just means they aren't going to do anything, period.
>> So, I'm wonder the kind folks on KPLUG can assist me in getting 
>> through to this ISP. I've nearly been black-listed in the past for 
>> some asshole sending viruses/spam with spoofed headers, I really don't 
>> need it again.
> At this point, any decent ISP knows not to pay attention to spoofed 
> headers.

Key word: "decent"

> The best bet is to nominate this mpowercom to one of the black hole 
> lists.  That tends to get an ISP's attention.

I may just do that this evening. I e-mailed the address in the "Return-Path:" portion of the header. The address is legit and the person there replied back to me. I sent him a copy of the spam I got earlier today with a short explanation of what's going on (and while I was typing the message to him, I received yet another spam message). For all I know the person in the return-path knows or even /is/ the owner of the account causing the problem.

At any rate, his e-mail to me indicated he is concerned.

Paul G. Allen
Owner, Sr. Engineer, Security Specialist
Random Logic/Dream Park

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