DNS I can use

John H. Robinson, IV jhriv at ucsd.edu
Wed Jun 23 15:48:23 PDT 2004

Stewart Stremler wrote:
> > Hmm, a rewrite of nslookup that looks and acts like nslookup, solving
> > the current warts, and keeping the internal DNS resolver, but using that
> > only as option(s) (--internal-resolver, --alternative-timing,
> > --one-nameserver). Might not be a bad project.
> You're right.  Of course, then your tool would be listed on the
> 'nslookup is evil' page as Yet Another Implementation to Make Things
> Confusing.

not if we call it nglookup or nslookupng (next generation).
and they could not call it evil if all their complaints are met.


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