Favor needed from KPLUG

Stewart Stremler bofh at stremler.net
Wed Jun 23 13:09:10 PDT 2004

begin  quoting Paul G. Allen as of Wed, Jun 23, 2004 at 12:48:22PM -0700:
> answering machine and have not received a call back. I've sent every 
> message from this guy to their abuse address (abuse at mpowercom.net) and have 
> received no action from there either.

Perhaps you could automate this so that you never see it? Perhaps 
you could exclude stuff from "abuse at mpowercom.net" so they can get
in touch with you about it [unless a virus and/or spam starts showing
up using that address] if they fix the problem.
> So, I'm wonder the kind folks on KPLUG can assist me in getting through to 
> this ISP. I've nearly been black-listed in the past for some asshole 
> sending viruses/spam with spoofed headers, I really don't need it again.

No, you don't.

> In the past, with all ISPs/registrars but one, I have been able to get 
> through to them and they've taken appropriate action to disable the 
> account, etc. This is one of those companies that doesn't give a rat's ass 
> apparently.

Y'know, it's essentially the same thing being sent over and over to 
someone who neither wants it nor has asked for it, to presumably many
other people.... it looks like UBE to me.  Inform the blacklists about
this domain, as they're protecting a known and documented spammer....

-Stewart "That's what blacklisting is for!" Stremler

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