Laptop battery monitor

Gus Wirth gwirth at
Mon Jun 21 08:44:07 PDT 2004

At 22:36 06/20/2004 -0700, Tracy R Reed wrote:
>On Sun, Jun 20, 2004 at 07:05:43PM -0700, David M. Cook spake thusly:
>> Right click on the panel to get a menu that will allow you to add a battery
>> monitor applet.
>I also have a Centrino based laptop and was able to right click and add a
>batter monitor applet but the battery monitor applet does not work. It
>always says the machine is connected to AC power and the battery is full
>when it is not and has been running for some time.

I added the Battery Charge Monitor found under the Utilities menu selection
on the GNOME panel and it seems to be working fine for me. I'm still using
the stock RedHat kernel. The laptop has the Intel 855PM chipset and a
Phoenix NoteBIOS 6.0 BIOS.

The Battery Charge Monitor has an option for a suspend command in the
preferences. Any recommendations on what I should use there?


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