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Yes, but I dunno how your gonna do it with 4 IDE drives. In my case it is 
an 11Tb EMC Clariion cx700 Fiber Channel Arbitrated Loop setup connected to 
Emulex HBA's on Proliant servers with RHEL AS..... we are waiting for it to 
arrive !    I have 
used the EMC Symmetrix in the past (SCSI not Fiber)

While you can build the storage with any kind of drives (IDE, SATA, SCSI, 
etc) the storage area network might be the difficult part to do without 
getting expensive. Maybe look into iSCSI ???

SAN = Storage Area Network. A special, dedicated network that only 
transfers block by block IO between hosts and the array. Your hosts see it 
as a local file system on a local device. It's "bus attached". Do you mean 
NAS ? NAS being a storage device attached to your regular IP network where 
you can transfer files to and from over network protocols like CIFS, NFS, 
etc. Your hosts will see it as a network resource.

Here's some info on SANs

SAN is still big dollar country. Especially if you have to use switches to 
attach the number of hosts you need. So much so that the 4 disks are a 
small fraction of the costs. I am not aware of any Open Source, or no cost 
solutions, although iSCSI might get you a low dollar solution compared to 
FCAL. I guess I should have said up front that I have not done anything 
that wasn't "mission critical", so the price was anticipated to be high.

Good luck.... If I can answer questions, just ask.


At 09:11 PM 6/17/2004 +0530, you wrote:
>Anybody desinged SAN in linux?
>i want to make use of ide 80GB X 4
>Any suggestion welcome!!!
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