Errant email forwarding (Was: Re: [SDBUG] Spam in your Stats ?)

John H. Robinson, IV jhriv at
Wed Jun 16 22:57:46 PDT 2004

Andrew P. Lentvorski, Jr. wrote:
> On Jun 16, 2004, at 9:51 PM, John H. Robinson, IV wrote:
> >Do you have something set in your mailer that is causing it to ignore
> >the Reply-To: headers? (I have to do that with Mutt for this list
> >because of the settingi/overriding of the Reply-To: header)
> Sigh.  Header munging strikes again.

NO! That was not header-munging striking again.
Header-munging striking again is when a private reply ends up going to
the list because of a list-added Reply-To: header.

> Yes, I hit group reply.  Because we all know that reply is just
> supposed to go to the original sender.


> I hates software.  Hates it I do.

This is one thing I really like about Mutt. I told it that kplug-list
was a mailing list that I am subscribed to; I now have three ways to
reply: <r>eply to the sender, reply to the <g>roup, and reply to the
<L>ist. Of course, to make reply to sender work, I have to tell Mutt to
ignore the Reply-To: header.


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