OT: Sci-Fi story author or title-help?

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Thomas M. Disch's "Descending." Fantastic Stories of the Imagination,
July 1964. 

See http://www.sfsite.com/11a/sf92.htm :  "The main character is jobless
and penniless, but his solution to his situation is to embark upon a
spending spree financed by a credit card, a concept in the early 60s
that hadn't begun to approach the plastic ubiquity of our Modern Times.
It is no accident that the character reads a just purchased copy of
Vanity Fair -- the novel, not the magazine -- as he rides the escalator
down [ in the department store] without paying much attention to where
it will lead him. One reason why Disch is identified with the literary
aspirations of that era's New Wave is the expectation that the reader
will understand the reference to William Thackeray's social satire about
misfortune and poverty."

> years back I read a short SF story about a business man on an
> escalator, going down, vaguely it had something to do with a subway or
> train station or maybe a department store? 

Dave Looney

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