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Installfest Checklist

by Brian Manning last modified 2010-02-10 21:21

Things you should think about before attending an Installfest...

Creation Date:
09 Jun 1999
Last Modified:
09 Jun 1999
Maintained by:
Brian Manning

Installfests are run by the members of KPLUG for the benefit of anyone who participates. Installfests are given at no charge to the participants. Donations to the club treasury are gladly accepted, as are donations for goodies like CD's, bumper stickers, and other stuff that is usually available.


  • the computer you want to install on. This includes any cables, wires, and peripheral devices such as keyboards, mice and monitors that the computer needs to operate. If the computer can't run without it, then it is a REQUIREMENT This also includes power strips, if you use them.
  • As much information about your hardware as possible. You can use this form as a guideline. Fill out as much as you can, but understand that you won't have all the hardware listed on that form installed in your computer, so it will not be 100% complete.
  • A positive attitude. Installfests are a lot of fun, so a lot of people like to come. The people who help you out are sometimes doing about 5 different things; it can get hectic, especially near the last hour, close to the end of the day. Be kind to them, and smile a lot. You may not get everything done that day. That's OK: there will be other InstallFests, and most of us are available on the mailing list, and IRC for extra post-InstallFest help.


  • Things you would like to see run. This includes things like printers, Zip drives, modems, tape backup. If we can get things running enough to get you on the Internet, you can get help with the externals through the mailing list/IRC if time runs out (and it usually does)
  • Bribes. Generally, not the monetary kind, but more like the food kind. Although money will not be refused, more people will enjoy the food. What kind of food? How about an ANSI standard pizza or a rotary debugger for getting your install debugged. (Personal Preference: Ham pizza, and chocolate)
  • Any personal food and drink items. A good suggestion about food would be to either be discreete, or bring enough for everyone. Preferably the latter. :)
  • Network accessories: Things like cable and hubs, if you have them would be much appreciated.
  • Extra Extension cords and power strips: Never have enough of those, so extras would be apprciated
  • Linux CD ROM: We have the latest and greatest distribution of Red Hat available to you if you have a network card. Red Hat CD ROMs will also probably be available from Rich Ernst for a donation of $10 to the club treasury.
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