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Using Cable Modems with Linux

by Neil Schneider last modified 2005-05-02 02:15

A set of links and references by Dave Cook to resources for configuring Linux to work with a cable broadband connection.

The Unix-@ Home FAQ.

See also the Unofficial @Home FAQ.

Neil Schneider's Cox@Home mini-HOWTO.

Bob Devore's Redhat 5.0 and @home Network page.

Mark Cornick has put together Redhat 5.1 RPMs to allow connecting to @home with dhcpcd.

midentd patched for glibc systems. midentd is an identd server for connecting to and other efnet irc servers from behind a masquerading gateway.

Christopher Seawood's Linux RoadRunner Setup page.

Marke Wolfe's Config uring Redhat Linux for Southwestern Cable's RoadRunner Service.

Phil Karn's Roadrunner page.

The sdnet.cablemodems newsgroup.

The Cox@Home and RoadRunner homepages.

Related Linux Links

C able Modem mini-HOWTO.

DHCPcd m ini-HOWTO.

The IP Masquerade mini-HOWTO. See Phil Karn's RR page for more masquerade links.

Masq Apps: applications that work through an IP masquerading gateway.

Red Hat Network Device Configuration Tips

David M. Cook

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