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Review Guidelines

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As an active technology user, your reviews are important to your peers. Consider submitting your reviews to other sites that are relevant to your technical community. There are many sites, including this one, that accept freelance reviews.

Questions to Consider:

  • Is the title of the book accurate to the content?
  • What level of experience is needed to use the information in the book?
  • Who will find it most useful?
  • Is there an existing, canonical book that already convers the same ground?
  • Is the book readable as well as technically accurate?
  • Is the language stilted, or natural?
  • Are examples easy to follow?
  • Is the depth appropriate?
  • Are the illustrations effective and well executed?
  • Do any extras come with the book, like a CD-ROM of additional information or code samples? If so, are they helpful or not?
  • What's missing from the book? Would it benefit from illustrations, a better index, a final chapter on practical applications?

Notes on Style and Mechanics

Readability and flow are important. Strive for correct spelling, grammar and punctuation in your review, but don't torture yourself over minutia. Be extra-careful with the name of the author and the title of the book. Write conversationally but seriously, as you might in a topical letter to a friend. Make sure to include the ISBN number, publisher, and other details that will help readers locate the book for themselves.

Submit Book Review

If you have won one of the books that publishers have so generuosly donated to us, this is where you post your review of that book. Your contributions will make this site a success.

To prevent malicious posters, you must be a Registered User and your post must be approved by one of the Content Managers.

If you are already a registered user, then all you need do is login and go to your personal folder. Look for the add item tab, click and choose book review . You will then see a template. Fill in the required fields, and enter your text in the Body section and save.

When your book review is ready, click on the "state: visible" link at the top of the document and select "submit". This will alert one of the site reviewers or managers to check your document and mark it for publication.

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