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HTML Pocket Reference Second Edition

Jennifer Niederst

O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.


Neil Schneider


A handy little reference of html tags, updated to HTML 4.01 Specification. Shows what tags work with which browsers and has a handy browser support information for each tag. The majority of the book is devoted to an alphabetical list of tags, with abreviated usage information.

In the beginning of the book are Tag Groups which show tags with similar functions. There's a list of deprecated tags, and lists of browser specific tags for Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer.

Throughout the alphabetical list, are notes of special interest to web designers. For example there are browser specific attributes that are recognized in the tag by different browsers. If you are striving for a consistent experience for people viewing the site you are designing, then this information will be important to you.

I'm pleased to have this book in my library, and recommend it for anyone who needs a handy quick reference of html tags.

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